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Day 25 – Bartlesville, Ok to Neosho, MO

by on October 8, 2012

This is going to be a short blog because we had a rider go down today and that’s all I want to report. Brett, a 59 year old from San Francisco, and one of our strongest riders, was riding side-by-side with another rider and as I understand it, lost control of his bike and he went down face first. We have two doctors in our group, as I’ve shared with you before, and they were a few miles behind Brett and came upon him unconscious on the road with his riding partner doing his best to care for Brett. Anyway, Dr. Tom attended to Brett and when the ambulance and EMT’s arrived, he directed them to get a helicopter. And that’s what happened. Brett was taken to a hospital in Joplin, MO where he is in critical condition and went to surgery. Brett’s wife is flying to Joplin tonight. I don’t know any more and I won’t speculate.

Two years ago, the last time Trek Travel did the XC trip, a rider, Dana, went down and broke her wrist and arm and couldn’t finish. She’s joining our trip in Poplar Bluffs (just after Branson) to finish her XC ride.

This trip, friends, is not fun; it is not a vacation; it’s not a romantic adventure. It’s a grueling physical, mental, and spiritual, challenge. Most, if not all, of us will make it to Charleston. Brett will be there, too, either in person or in our hearts.

Thanks for following my journey. We’re finally out of Oklahoma, as you can see from the picture..


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  1. I am without words beyond what I shared with you via email and voicemail. I hope you also saw my comment to yesterday’s ride. Stay strong and vigilant, my friend.

  2. I am thinking positive thoughts for Brett.

  3. Brenda Seasons permalink

    I feel sick and my heart goes out to ALL of you on the ride. Be strong and be safe.

  4. Morgan Hartley permalink

    My heart goes out to Brett. I hope he comes out of it alright. Stay strong, mate. It only gets easier.

  5. Joanna Hurst permalink

    Dear Don, you are up for the challenge! Wish I could hug you in person. j

  6. Kathy Kumagai permalink

    Sending positive thoughts your way. I’m so sorry to hear of this terrible accident. Very proud of your attitude and achievements to date.

  7. Jack Horne, Jr. permalink

    Don, my thoughts and prayers are with your fellow rider Brett and his family. I love you man (and I love Brett, even though we have never met).

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