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Day 35 – Crossville, TN to Sevierville, TN

by on October 18, 2012

I’m tired. Satisfied and fulfilled, but tired. I want to be done. But there’s all this riding still to do. Yesterday, as I shared, was a big day and a long day. Today was 107 miles with 5,464 ft of climbing and so it should have been a shorter day, except that we entered the eastern time zone and so we lost an hour, which meant I arrived at the hotel at 4:30 instead of 3:30. No big deal, you say, but it cuts into my recovery time. Oh we’ll. It is what it is. Did I mention I’m tired?

It rained through the night last night but it stopped a little before 7:00 am which meant no rain when I departed Crossville but wet roads for a while. In summary, it was cool in the morning and so I wore “cold weather” gear and the reality was that the skies never cleared and it never warmed up so I never shed the cold weather stuff. Great biking weather really and so it was a terrific day on the bike riding through beautiful eastern Tennessee and into the Smoky Mountains. Many lakes and rivers throughout the ride and the country is hilly and gorgeous. I just love being on the bike here. Well, I continue to be chased by these vicious country dogs but I’m so pissed when it happens that I actually startle a few of the dogs with my verbal attack.

We enter North Carolina tomorrow with an 88 mile “climbing” day into Asheville so I’ll need my rest tonight. I really like Asheville. I’ve spent time there with my brother Dale mountain biking and with Cayce earlier this year.

I’ve included pictures of Dave Edwards and Marquette Kelly. Not only are they a great guide duo but they are engaged to be married (which will take place right after this trip is over). Dave is 45 and this is his 5th XC trip. Marquette is much younger. The two of them have been very helpful and supportive to me and I really value them as people and guides.

There’s also a picture of Tara Clausen, the masseuse, and Tara has been part of every Trek Travel XC trip they’ve offered (as Dave has). Tara is the one not in bike clothes.

I’m sorry these last blogs are not as interesting. For me, I just want to jump into each day’s ride and complete it as quickly as I can while staying in my comfort zone. 4 more days of riding.




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  1. Dorothy permalink

    I bet you can see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow !!Keep on biking .

  2. Dan Loose permalink

    Four more days — sounds like you’re almost there!

    Really enjoying your blog, Don. Your posts are a nice break from afternoon work (and continue to be so inspirational).

    Watch out for those dogs and stay safe!

  3. Cary Horne permalink

    4 more days…WOW!!! So impressed by your determination and strength…just read an article about you in the Sun, you are very newsworthy! We are cheering you from far away and remembering being in the Smoky Mountains exactly a year ago, so glad you are riding through those beautiful hills! Love to you from Jack and me…Cary

  4. Dave, Your truly almost home. after tomorrow, it is all downhill. i really enjoyed the final days in east TN, Ashville and then home thru South Carolina. Please give a big hello and congrats to Big Dave and Marquette. Also, my best to Tara, the not-so-tender-tenderizer who doesn’t eat meat, but just mashes it to pieces! Also we’ll have to chat about Kenya sometime. Headed to Duke next week to attend the ASANTE consortium meeting of the AMPATH (IU-Kenya) program.

    Keep up the strong riding. What an accomplishment! BTW, Hobin and I went “all in” when we got to the Atlantic Ocean. It was great!

  5. Sorry Don, too many mentions and pics of Dave!

  6. Scott Young permalink

    Almost there Don…amazing job!!! We have really enjoyed reading your daily blogs. I hope you have a fantastic celebration in Charleston. Enjoy that “Low Country” food!

  7. brenda seasons permalink

    4, 3, 2, 1 Yahoo!! as we say in Calgary. Keep it up my friend. You can see the end, and glad you have an alternate activity booked so depression is kept at bay. Cannot imagine how you must be feeling – relief and excitement – and perhaps pure joy. Keep focussed and take it one mile at a time and one day at a time. Thinking of you.

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