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Pledge Per Mile Total To 10/29/12


WISER $7.68 per mile

Y L Capernaum $4.03 per mile

Project Goal $2.96 per mile

Let Don Decide $6.05 per mile
Total Pledged $66,618.00


Your charitable contributions today will help disadvantaged youths to achieve success in life, not ONLY now, but in the future as they mature into young adults. And, making charitable contributions has never been easier with so many fast and simple ways available. Choose from the four options listed below:

Donations Are Fully Tax Deductible

The LAFC Foundation is a 501c3 charitable foundation approved by the IRS so donations/contributions/pledges are fully deductible. You will be provided with an official receipt to that effect once your donations are received. Further, we have pledged that 100% of donations contributed towards WISER, Young Life Capernaum, Project Goal, and LAFC Foundation will go to those worthy causes.