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WISER $7.68 per mile

Y L Capernaum $4.03 per mile

Project Goal $2.96 per mile

Let Don Decide $6.05 per mile
Total Pledged $66,618.00

Supported Charities / LAFC Foundation

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"The LAFC Foundation Story"

  • The LAFC Foundation Story
    • The LAFC Foundation is a dream-come-true that began with a family... just a dad coaching two young kids in the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO).
    • In those first five years, Don Sheppard found himself increasingly hooked on the sport as he witnessed his children develop with each successive season.
    • Don was a human resources professional, very successful in his field. From his experience, watching workers grow professionally, he knew something special was happening; he marveled at the power of soccer to bind children together, to give them purpose, and genuine happiness. What most intrigued Don about soccer, or "futbol" as it's known around the world, was its power to bring together children of every nationality, class and culture and commit them to a common purpose: to become a successful team. He loved watching the process take form, how children could be trained to work together.
    • Over time, the words "universal language" kept popping into Don's mind when he thought about futbol. He believed that in our sometimes troubled world the sport could make a difference in people's lives. That simple vision became Don's energizing principle. It gave him a reason to do more than just live and work. For the next five years, he went about perfecting a model program out of Futbol that could be a worldwide force for good.
    • The process took hard work. After the Los Angeles Futbol Club (LAFC) fielded several national championship teams, the LAFC Foundation was established. Its mission was to apply the lessons learned and use them to rebuild communities, villages and the spirits of children broken by poverty, disease, and war. It's a big vision: to make a difference and cause positive change in some of the world's most underserved places.
    • Today, the LAFC Foundation is a highly-respected non-profit organization and partner to groups with similar missions. They help thousands of children globally by providing equipment and expertise and removing financial obstacles to educational and healthcare resources.
    • The LAFC Foundation wants nothing less than to change the world one community, one neighborhood, one person at a time. Its mission can be your mission too! Won't you help us realize the dreams of children worldwide?
  • Our Vision
    • Through the international language of soccer, the LAFC Foundation seeks to help underserved youth and transform impoverished communities worldwide.
  • Our Organization
    • The LAFC Foundation is a Pasadena, California-based non-profit organization that builds soccer fields and provides equipment, uniforms and coaching for underserved children and teens. Through partnerships with renowned academic institutions and respected non-profit and community organizations, the LAFC Foundation helps fund the construction of schools, increases educational and employment opportunities and offers easier access to vital healthcare and social services. The Foundation also provides scholarships, tutoring and mentoring through its US nationally ranked youth soccer club.