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"Project GOAL has been very fortunate to work with the SportsCorps group and Men's and Women's Soccer players at Brown University this past couple of years. These volunteers have been essential to the added quality and success of what our program offers and represents. It costs Project GOAL $1,200 per child per program year to provide tranportation, accredited teachers and coaches, school supplies, soccer equipment, testing and application fees, and snacks/drinks. It is extremely difficult to maintain an entirely free of charge program from year to year plus also think about expansion. We would like to offer our program to more children and eventually have our own office, classrooms, and athletic facility." Here is how these levels could help us:

  • A pledge of $0.01/mile will generate roughly $32.00 if Don finishes the whole route across the country:
    • This could help pay for snacks for a week, or shirt and shorts for a child to play in for the entire program year.
  • A pledge of $0.05/mile will generate roughly $160.00:
    • This could help pay for bussing for one day and 2.5 full soccer kits including shirt, shorts, socks, shinguards, and soccer shoes.
  • A pledge of $0.10/mile will generate roughly $320.00:
    • All the above, plus, this will help pay for bussing for a whole week, register two project goal teams for a tournament as a result of good grades and behaviour, register 6 children for testing/application to the area private/independent schools and pay for 4 to 5 teachers for one day of PG programming.
  • A pledge of $0.25/mile will generate roughly $800.00:
    • All the above, plus at this level, help pay for two part time students for the whole year.
  • A pledge of $0.50/mile will generate roughly $1,600.00:
    • All the above, plus one child for the entire year and bussing for a month.
  • A pledge of $1.00/mile will generate roughly $3200.00:
    • All the above, plus pays for 2 full time students and two part time students to join program. Pays for bussing to our core program plus reading program with area college Masters In Education program.
  • A pledge of $5.00/mile will generate roughly $16,000.00:
    • Pays for bussing for 6 months, pays for 6 teachers/coaches for 8, or more, months of program, and equipment for 80 kids (each) for the next 3 years.

Supported Charities / Project Goal

Project GOAL PSA from Devlo Media on Vimeo.

Project GOAL, is an RI based non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the development of disadvantaged youth through soccer-related programs and after-school tutoring.

Produced by Devlo Media with the support of colleagues Kate Kelley, Christian Lundberg and Jonathan Beller.
Cinematography by Kate Kelley
Concept by Jonathan Beller
Original Music by Christian Lundberg
Post Production by John Lavall and Devlo Media
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Soccer tourney benefits Project Goal:

  • Soccer tourney benefits
    Project Goal
  • Fundraiser for afterschool program for city youth

Updated: Saturday, 07 Apr 2012, 11:24 PM EDT
Published : Saturday, 07 Apr 2012, 11:24 PM EDT

By Neil Remiesiewicz

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) - Dozens of people took to the pitch today in Providence to raise money for a local program that helps disadvantaged students.

Several Eyewitness News staff were among those battling for soccer supremacy at Moses Brown's Campanella Field this morning.

Project Goal is an after-school program for sixth, seventh and eight graders from Providence, Pawtucket and Central Falls. The participants are selected not only for their academic potential but also their soccer abilities. Every weekday the students hit the books after school for an hour and a half, followed up by an hour and a half of soccer out on the field.

The free program, which was started in 2004, incurs most of its costs in transportation, according to Darius Shirzadi, the program coordinator. Organizers were hoping to raise $10,000 at Saturday's event.

Reporter Nneka Nwosu, Sports Reporter Sara Hogan, and Rhode Show Co-Host Michaela Johnson were among the Eyewitness News players competing against several other local businesses for top tournament honors.