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  • A pledge of $0.01/mile will generate $32.15 to support:
    • Volunteer leaders directly connecting with students by taking them on a lunch outing. One gift pays for 2 kids and their leader. We strive to make this possible for every leader and local student that we personally know.
  • A pledge of $0.05/mile will generate $160 to support:
    • Sponsoring a club! Providing 75 students and leaders with dinner at one of our bi-weekly Club gatherings. We have approximately 20 Clubs annually.
  • A pledge of $0.10/mile will generate $321 to support:
    • Area Leadership Development. Volunteer leaders get together once a month for training, vision-casting, planning, and community building. This will provide dinner for 50 leaders as a way of thanking them for their investment in students' lives.
  • A pledge of $0.25/mile will generate $804 to support:
    • Young Life Capernaum T-shirts. We personalize and purchase T-shirts once a year as a fun way to connect students and families already involved, as well as connect with the community at large. OR can sponsor 4 of our Club gatherings, including dinner and drinks, supplies, Bibles, and prizes.
  • A pledge of $0.50/mile will generate $1,607 to support:
    • 14 volunteer leaders to attend our Leadership Weekend. Held annually for all Young Life leaders in the Los Angeles Region, this weekend is a high priority and offers training, camaraderie, and retreat. We have 20 leaders currently involved in Capernaum, and over 60 leaders serving in the Greater Pasadena area.
  • A pledge of $2.00/mile will generate $6,430 to support:
    • The full cost of a 56 passenger bus which provides transportation for students and leaders to Young Life camps in California and Arizona annually. We contract a minimum of 2 buses each year exclusively for Capernaum camping to benefit students with special needs.
  • A pledge of $5.00/mile will generate $16,075:
    • We have dreams of purchasing an ADA compliant, wheelchair accessible van. One gift would provide approximately half of the needed amount to buy this van and enable us to offer transportation to kids in wheelchairs. We would like to serve this population of the special needs community more.

Supported Charities / Young Life Capernaum

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I met Tony four years ago when we started Capernaum in La Canada, CA. He was shy, to himself, and would only utter one or two word responses when asked questions. He would say, "I’m fine" or "Good...". Tony has autism and sometimes has difficulty communicating his thoughts and feelings. This is the Tony we first met. When Tony came to Young Life summer camp in 2009, he seemed to come alive in a way he never had before. On the third night of camp, Tony was asked if he wanted to share about his family. He not only started speaking, but also continued in full sentences and didn’t stop for ten full minutes. The leaders, one being my husband Austin, stared at each other with mouths wide open in amazement. They didn’t recognize the open, vulnerable, and outspoken side of Tony that was radiating. We had no idea he so desperately wanted to talk and tell his story; but he did and it didn’t stop there. Tony became a leader among his friends and continued initiating questions all week long. Tony has found a safe haven of friends and adult mentors through Capernaum and boldly embraces life and adventure.

Young Life began in 1941 and is now located in more than 77 countries around the world. As one facet of Young Life, Capernaum has been specifically giving kids with disabilities new opportunities to discover their potential since it began in 1986 in San Jose, California. Since then it has spread to Young Life areas around the world, with over 160 Capernaum ministries reaching out to more than 2500 kids with disabilities on a weekly basis. In the Greater Pasadena area, Fun Life is our locally adopted name for Young Life Capernaum.

  • Fun Life Capernaum in Greater Pasadena

Fun Life is established and supported locally by caring people with a heart for adolescents with disabilities. Throughout La Canada, La Crescenta, Glendale, Pasadena, San Marino and South Pasadena communities, Young Life staff and trained adult volunteer leaders are investing in students’ lives, building meaningful relationships. Currently, a team of 14 leaders is committed to serving local kids and young adults with disabilities. Fun Life meets weekly for club – the best night of the week for thousands of kids every week. Why is that? We like to think of it as a party with a purpose. It’s controlled chaos that’s almost impossible to describe, but kids know it when they see it. And before the party ends, we share a simple message about God’s love for them. After all, that’s what the celebration is all about.

Capernaum meets an endless number of needs for young people with disabilities. At club, dinner is always provided, caring for physical needs as well as creating a safe, social environment for students across school districts and communities to interact and gain independence. Throughout the school year, special events are additionally prepared including a Prom Dinner & Dance, Talent Show, and Christmas Party. During the summer, Capernaum goes camping to one of Young Life's pristine camp properties. All of these activities are done with the simple belief that kids' lives are worth investing in, regardless of ability level.

  • Why Capernaum?

Teenagers who have disabilities, like their able-bodied peers, have dreams and hopes. They long to interact socially and have the same life experiences as other typical kids. But because of limited mobility or other barriers, kids with disabilities don’t have the same opportunities to connect with others. In Young Life we believe young people with disabilities have the right to experience life lived to the fullest. We believe that kids who need assistance can and should participate fully in activities that build self-esteem, challenge their limits and help them discover their ability to do new things. And, we believe that all adolescents deserve the opportunity to explore a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Did You Know?
      • One out of our five adolescents has a disability.
      • Only one in fifteen churches has a specific program designed for kids with disabilities.
      • 650 million people in the world have a disability. If that number of people were a nation, it would be the third largest.
      • This population leads the nation in homelessness and poverty.
      • 18 million people in the world need wheelchairs and don't have them.
      • There are 54 million Americans with disabilities.
      • 20 percent of the teen population has a disability.
      • Only 10 to 15 percent of churches in the United States have a disability ministry or are planning one.
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The special needs community is one that can be easily missed in our world, but once noticed, will likely impact your life significantly. It is my privilege to know many families in our local community that have kids with special needs. I was once uncomfortable around people with disabilities but now I see how alike we are, and am so grateful to be involved in their lives. I hope that one day we will grow to reach every community in Los Angeles through Capernaum. As one branch of Young Life, Capernaum literally means Village of Comfort and teams of caring adults strive to be just that, positively investing in young people’s lives through relationship. It is amazing to watch kids’ lives transform because of the message of Capernaum.